2 Days Kenya Safaris from Mombasa

2 Days Tsavo East and Tsavo West Kenya Safari from Mombasa

Tsavo East and West together form one of Africa’s largest wilderness reserves. Tsavo as a whole consists of 10 million acres of pure wilderness, incorporating volcanic cones, mountains ranges, vast savannah, and an extensive river system. On safari here you can see the big 5 with large herds of elephants as well as lions, leopards, buffalos and rhinos. Tsavo is also home to baboons, zebras, gerenuks, giraffes and the endangered Hirola.

2 Days Tsavo East Kenya Safari from Mombasa

This 2 Days Tsavo East Kenya Safari from Mombasa takes you a wilderness of flat, open savannahs without dense vegetation patrolled by a variety of wild animals including elephants, buffaloes, giraffes, zebras and a variety of bird species.

2 Days Taita Hills Salt Lick Safari from Mombasa

Taita Hills Game Sanctuary/Salt Lick is a privately owned sanctuary located adjacent to Tsavo West National Park in Kenya - one of the world's wildlife strong holds. Taita Hill Saltlick offers many diverse opportunities for guests to experience the wildlife, landscape and culture of this fascinating ecosystem. .

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